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PEZ ペズ



「Pez」は、「魚」を意味するスペイン語「El Pez」が由来。

バンクシーが監督を務めた映画「Exit Through the gift shop」を含む、ストリートアートのドキュメンタリーに出演し、著名なストリートアート本に掲載。Adidas、Reebok、Eckoなどの大手ブランドとのコラボレーション作品も注目を浴びている。





・Pez: One Smile, Many Styles – Thinkspace Projects ,Culver City(アメリカ/ロサンゼルス)
・El Pez Frash Exhibition – 2B Art & Toys Gallery(スペイン/マヨルカ)
・Pop & Street Hidden Champion – AND COLLECTION(東京/表参道)


・Happy Pop – Black Book Gallery(アメリカ/デンバー)
・Details – Avenue des Arts(アメリカ/ロサンゼルス)


・Pez: 20 Years Smiling With Friends – StolenSpace Gallery(イギリス/ロンドン)


・Spiral: Art of the Street – Triton Museum of Art(アメリカ/サンタクララ)

Born in 1975, an artist from Barcelona.
He began painting graffiti on the streets in 1999 and is considered a pioneer of street art in Barcelona. He created a symbolic smiling character with a fish motif and is known for his colorful murals with a positive atmosphere and energy.
“Pez” is derived from the Spanish word “El Pez” which means “fish”.

In recent years, he has exhibited and wall-painted in galleries in more than 20 countries around the world, including Barcelona, ​​Paris, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong, and has been exhibited at France’s premier street art auction.
He has appeared in street art documentaries, including the movie “Exit Through the gift shop” directed by Banksy, and has been featured in well-known street art books. He is also drawing attention for his collaborations with major brands such as Adidas, Reebok and Ecko.