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Bisco Smith

He is an urban artist who embodies the coexistence of music and art.

He has a career as a graffiti writer, graphic designer, and musician. Smith is best known for his gestural marks that embody the energy of the moment and his lyrical approach to expressionism, characterized by abstracted text.

From canvas to outdoor murals, Smith works in a variety of forms. His works, mostly in black and white, are collections of words but abstracted to the point where they become almost unreadable. He thus encourages the viewers to appreciate the designs and to absorb their energy organically.His activities range from music to art exhibitions and wall painting. Smith has performed live worldwide and collaborated with creative brands such as NIKE, COACH, Adidas, and HYPEBEAST.

Art Style

Originally known as “Bisc1”, Bisco Smith has been consistently releasing music to the world as a Brooklyn-based DJ and rapper. Bisco strips his compositions to those fundamental essence of motion and rhythm while channeling the energy of a moment through gestural marks and abstracted, lyrical text. This style of drawing started in 2011 when he was living in LA, writing out his goals for the future on the wall at his apartment. While his brain was into full gear, he put on some music and instinctively started drawing in freestyle. Music and art are two essential pillars of his life as an artist.



Bisco_Skate Decks


He first became interested in graffiti when he started skateboarding as a child. Bisco says he always loved skate culture. He was attracted to this rebellious culture and started graffiti art. He started by creating skateboarding logos, and then became involved in underground hip-hop and graffiti during his high school years, which led him to become a DJ.



Park City Utah,May 2018


Park City, Utah, is the hometown of Sam Jackenthal, a free ski athlete who died at the young age of 16. This public art project was created as a memorial artwork to honor his achievements and to express hope for the future that begins today. The children, with advice from Bisco, will paint their own phrases on the wall in their own colors. The project became an opportunity to enrich the free ideas and dreams of young people with their future through the witness and interact with the world of Bisco and graffiti art.

Washington.DC,September 2019



PAINT (RED) SAVE LIVES is the world’s first street art campaign for the fight against AIDS. The world’s best street artists used the streets of Lyon, Paris, London, New York, Washington DC and Berlin as their canvases to inspire pedestrians and raise funds for the Global Fund to fight AIDS. Bisco was selected as one of the artists.

NIKE Headquarter,December 2019


Interior painting project for the Nike headquarters in Portland, Oregon is also in one of the Bisco’s world. The design was inspired by the playing style of John McEnroe, an American professional tennis player, and by how the lines lay and a ball bounces off of a tennis court. It is a dynamic work that combines Bisco’s stylish yet powerful touch with the explosive energy of an athlete in competitions.

Latest works

Latest work