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Our mission is to introduce modern and challenging style of Contemporary Art with featuring Japanese talents in International context and worldwide admired artists to merge diversities.

It has started its history in Omotesando where many fashion and art scenes happen to appear. AND COLLECTION promises to broaden the style of expressions by collaborating with passionate innovative artists to create a new vision opening a possible new approach to Japanese art market and the culture.

Since then, the gallery has been a favorite among the collectors and artists who seek the uniqueness and the pioneering cutting-edge sensations in arts, with a selection of both established well-knowns and emerging artists.

AND COLLECTION is determined to propose you a fun and exciting "Life and Art" through our collections and support.


We provide consultation services for artwork installation that speaks with the purpose and brand of your space to using visual marketing strategies for in your offices, stores, and hotels. - We propose you the world's only one piece of commission art work with collaborating with an artist. - We provide a one-stop solution for your original art works through receiving your design datas, print them and select the perfect frames for your works to be ready for installation. - Our expert advisors are to provide answers to any questions or requests you may have regarding the purchase, storage, or particular artworks. From simply educating new collectors and suggesting art for your space, we can help provide support along the way.

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