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【Solo Exhibition】Keiichi NITTA “Shit Happens”

[Upcoming Exhibition]
Artist | Keiichi NITTA
Title | “Shit Happens”

AND COLLECTION Contemporary Art is pleased to announce the first solo exhibition “Shit Happens” of the photographer Keiichi NITTA at the gallery, from February 8, 2024.

This solo exhibition emphasizes the importance on living strongly and maintaining a spirited mind without being misled against events that occur in daily life.For this exhibition, the multi-talented actor Yusuke Iseya was the subject of portraits set in Izu. Keiichi NITTA was fascinated by personality Yusuke Iseya and his way of being as an actor, and the collaboration was realized in this exhibition. The exhibition will present a number of fresh works created by the two artists, a photographer and an actor together.

Keiichi NITTA, who a leader of the visual scene in Japan, studied under American fashion photographer Terry Richardson in 2000. After returning to Japan in 2006, he has been active as a photographer, quickly made a name for himself in the Japanese fashion magazine and advertising industry. He has created key visuals for numerous companies and brands, including Google and New Balance. In addition, he has also shot a wide variety of portraits of celebrities both domestically and internationally and has been commissioned to shoot for leading fashion magazines such as VOGUE, ELLE, GQ, and HOT PEPPER Beauty.

The colors transition expressed by Keiichi NITTA corresponds to the emotions of his subjects, and drifts the time transitions and emotion that flow through them. He captures the momentary brilliance that spreads across the continuity of his depictions by drawing out various facial expressions, such as a cheerful smile, a dignified gaze, and an emotional profile, and capturing them with the shutter. The personalities overflowing from his subjects are composed of the empathetic intelligence of Keiichi NITTA and his perspective and sense of distance from the diverse scenes he has captured in the past.His photographs, which weave unpretentious and dynamic compositions in the unpredictable natural world, seem to offer clues to those of us who spend our days in the world to survive strongly and honestly. By loving and nurturing the feelings that arise incidentally, we can build an unshakable belief in ourselves as human beings, unafraid of the emotional ruts that sometimes come our way.


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Keiichi NITTA

Born in Tokyo in 1975. After graduating from Bunka Fashion College with a degree in apparel design, he moved to the U.S. in 1997.
He studied under American fashion photographer Terry Richardson in 2000, returned to Japan in 2006, and is now based in Japan, where he has created key visuals for numerous music, fashion, and culture magazines and global brands.He has also been at the forefront of the art world with his original, pioneering ideas and fashionable style, including his “100K” project, a self-portrait project in which he disguises himself as a world-famous celebrity and photographs them.In 2018, he received the 49th Kodansha Publishing Culture Award for Photography, and is a leader of the visual scene in Japan, expanding the possibilities of new creativity through photography.


【Exhibition Details】
Keiichi NITTA Solo Exhibition “Shit Happens”
Venue:AND COLLECTION Contemporary Art (Located at B2F Omotesando Hills)
Exhibition period:February 8th Thu.-February 19th Mon.,2024