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【Solo Exhibition】YOICHIRO ANDO “Empathy”

[Upcoming Exhibition]
Title | “Empathy”

AND COLLECTION Contemporary Art is pleased to announce “Empathy”, a solo exhibition by YOICHIRO ANDO at our gallery.

YOICHIRO ANDO questions himself often. Are we getting to the essence of things “properly” when it comes to communicate with others or obtain information from social media and websites? Or are we allowing ourselves to be distracted by superficial visuals. While the development of technology has made our daily lives more convenient, we also have entered an era of intaking visualized information intensely in daily basis. In the digital society today, where things can be completed without direct face-to-face contact, we are constantly reminded of us humans are in lack of “empathy” at this point to understand our instinctive feelings. In many of YOICHIRO ANDO’s works, the eyes, that show one’s emotional expressions, are kept hidden. He claims the fact that what we see is not always the truth, by cutting off its important information source and focusing on the true nature of things without being caught up in the preconceptions lurking in our daily lives. The work sublimates the importance of empathizing with people who have different values and ways of thinking than one’s own, by projecting them onto oneself, and speculating with the eyes of the heart to discover how they think and what emotions they are expressing.

In these uncertain times, it is possible to have a strong mind that does not waver or get caught in the sway of the world, by enriching mind to broaden one’s own capacity for wisdom and being exposed to essential values that transcend human knowledge. You will encounter the new you through the depths of your heart when you learn about the diverse ways of being for as they are and feel the beauty and preciousness in its essence.

We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy the world of YOICHIRO ANDO.

【YOICHIRO ANDO x CVSTOS Collaboration】

This exhibition will feature a collaboration project by the Swiss luxury mechanical watchmaker CVSTOS and the contemporary art artist, YOICHIRO ANDO, displaying their new models and his artworks for sale. CVSTOS, which means “guardian deity” in Latin, is an up-and-coming watchmaker that breathes new life into Swiss watchmaking history while preserving the essence of its traditions. Inspired by product concepts, including the newly introduced 2023 model, CVSTOS’s unique philosophy of high-tech, sporty, and elegance are interpreted from the unique perspective of YOICHIRO ANDO and expressed with subtlety and descriptive excellence.
We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy the collaboration between YOICHIRO ANDO and CVSTOS, where the creativity of both companies resonates.

*For more details, please visit the Viewing Room below.
■YOICHIRO ANDO Solo Exhibition「 Empathy 」 – Viewing Room


【Exhibition Details】
Venue : AND COLLECTION Contemporary Art (Located at B2F Omotesando Hills)
Exhibition period:December 8th(Fri.)-26th (Tue.),2023 *Closes at 8pm on last day.
Reception party:December 8th (Fri.) 6pm to 9pm *No invitation needed