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【Solo Exhibition開催】Bisco Smith日本初個展「 TIME AND SPACE 」

アーティスト | ビスコ スミス

この度、AND COLLECTION Contemporary Artではビスコ・スミスの日本初個展「TIME AND SPACE」を東京と大阪にて開催致します。

“TIME is limited, make the most. SPACE is infinite, anything is possible.”

「TIME」- ビスコ・スミス特有の美学に基づいた白黒で描かれる作品を軸としており、今展を二拠点の測定値として例えるならば、全ての始まりであり叙情詩である。
「SPACE」- 黒、白、メタリックの三色パレットを使用し、変化を瞬く光に準えると同時に映し出される過去の鏡像を投影している。



【個展開催記念/ XLARGE × Bisco Smith コラボレーションアパレル販売】

個展テーマである「TIME AND SPACE」より着想を得て制作されたオリジナルデザインとなります。
※詳細は下記、Viewing Roomよりご覧ください。

■Bisco Smith Solo Exhibition「 TIME AND SPACE 」 – Viewing Room


会場:AND COLLECTION Contemporary Art (表参道ヒルズB2F)
会期:2023年4月29日(土) – 5月14日(日) 11:00 – 21:00 (※日曜のみ20:00閉場)
レセプション:2023年4月28日(金) 18:00 – 20:00
アーティスト在廊日:4月28日(金) – 29日(土)

会場:阪急メンズ大阪 3F Contemporary Art Gallery
会期:2023年4月26日(水) – 5月8日(月) 11:00 – 20:00 (※土日祝のみ10:00開場)
■阪急メンズ大阪 公式HP



[Upcoming Exhibition]
Artist | Bisco Smith

AND COLLECTION Contemporary Art is pleased to present “TIME AND SPACE,” Bisco Smith’s first solo exhibition in Japan, at Tokyo and Osaka.

Time is limited, make the most. Space is infinite, anything is possible.
My work is about capturing time, freezing moments, expressing my internal state or reflecting the external world, while at the same time, writing the guidelines and mental notes to help carve the path forward through space, the unknowns living life as an artist, and processing our existence as humans on our beautiful, chaotic, forever changing planet.

For these exhibitions, I created two separate bodies of work: Time, which will be shown in Osaka, and Space, to be exhibited in Tokyo. Together these collections create the title, Time and Space. The Time collection is painted in my classic black and white aesthetic which is where it all began. If time is the measurement between two points, this is an ode to the beginning. The Space collection is created using a black, white, and metallic palette representing the changes ahead, the light in the moment, and the reflections of the past.
Aesthetically, the artwork connects to my roots as a graffiti writer and music maker, while keeping the intentions based in positive thinking, motivation, inspiration, and encouragement as notes to self, but also words that others may find moving and motivating as well.
The past is written, the future is unknown, the present is now.
Thanks for spending some moments with the work.

– Bisco Smith –

【Commemorative of solo exhibition/ XLARGE × Bisco Smith Collaboration apparel sales】
To celebrate the solo exhibition, XLARGE, a leading Japanese street fashion brand, and Bisco Smith will sell a limited quantity of collaborative apparel.
The original design was inspired by the exhibition theme, “TIME AND SPACE”.
The apparel will be autographed by Bisco Smith himself and will be available for purchase on the day of each exhibition.
Please do not miss this opportunity!

*For more details, please visit the Viewing Room below.
■Bisco Smith Solo Exhibition「 TIME AND SPACE 」 – Viewing Room

【Exhibition Details】

Location:Omotesando Hills B2F , AND COLLECTION Contemporary Art
Reception:April 28 , 2023 ,18:00 – 20:00
Date:April 29 – May 14 , 2023
Business Hour:11:00 – 21:00(*Close at 20:00 on Sunday only)
Meet the artist:April 28 – 29 , 2023
*The schedule is subject to change without notice.

Location:Hankyu Men’s OSAKA 3F, Contemporary Art Gallery
Date:April 26 – May 8 , 2023
Business Hour:11:00 – 20:00 (*Open at 10:00 on Weekends and Holidays only)
Meet the artist:April 26 , 2023