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【Solo Exhibition開催】Zen Asuka “0(ゼロ)の色彩”

アーティスト | ZEN ASUKA
タイトル | 「0(ゼロ)の色彩」
期間 | 2021年11月19日(金) – 28日(日)
会場 | AND COLLECTION 表参道本店(表参道ヒルズ B2F)

[Upcoming Exhibition]
Artist | ASUKA ZEN
“Color of Zero”
November 19 – 28, 2021

このたび、AND COLLECTION Contemporary Artでは、ZEN ASUKAの初個展「0(ゼロ)の色彩」を表参道ヒルズ内の弊ギャラリーにて開催いたします。 

ZEN ASUKAは、川の流れ、海の波、森の光などの自然界からインスピレーションを受け、生命にフォーカスし活動するアー ティストです。
生命の源と言われる「水」を 自身と重ね、無色透明でありながら他を抱擁し、暖かみを与え、そして、与えられた者は各々の色を形成してゆく、そんな無意識に必要不可欠なエネルギーを作品として昇華します。

初個展となる「0(ゼロ)の色彩」ではZEN ASUKA自身の新たなスタートとなり、無彩色の世界に色を想像し、各々の心に色の灯りを感じてもらえるよう願いが込められています。
そして、本展はZEN ASUKAの序章であり、始まりと恵みを意図した「水」に本質を置き制作した作品を初披露します。



ぜひこの機会にZEN ASUKAの初となる個展をお楽しみください。


We are pleased to announce ZEN ASUKA’s first solo exhibition “Color of Zero” at our gallery in Omotesando Hills.

ZEN ASUKA is a life-focused artist who is inspired by the natural world such as river flow, sea waves and forest light.
She overlays “water” which is said to be the source of life that embraces others instead of colorless, gives warmth, and the given person forms each color and sublimates the essential energy with unconsciously as her work.

In her first solo exhibition, she’ll be her own new start. She wishes that each person to feel the light of color and to image colors in the non-colored world. And this exhibition is her prologue, and will show her work which are created with the essence of “water” intended for the beginning and grace.

The artworks are expressed “water droplets” and “rain” with transparent resin. And people stare at the reflection in artworks.
The resin which is expressed the warm water and the source of life, will give each color to the reflected viewers.
The work using a circular mirror is intentionally broken by dropped stone. Then the resin is fallen on it.
The resin (water) that creates a new life is poured into her past, and she presents a new innovation to herself.

In addition, although this exhibition mainly focuses on non-color but there are only works that consist of 24 pieces with colored works.

The energetic color which seem like first cry is drawn in harmony with contingency by vibrant expressions that ”scatter”, “drip”, and “bounce”, giving the viewer a force and encouraging them to take a new step.

Please enjoy the first solo exhibition of ASUKA ZEN.