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Rafael Sliks ラファエル・スリクス

Rafael Sliks











・Volátil – Block House Gallery(東京/神宮前)


・VAO,Optical Abstract Visions – Martine Ehmer Galllery(ベルギー/ブリュッセル)
・Pop & Street Hidden Champion – AND COLLECTION(東京/表参道)


・VAO,Optical Abstract Visions – Ground Effect Galllery(フランス/パリ)
・VAO,Optical Abstract Visions – At Down Galllery(フランス/モンペリエ)
・Hidden Champion – Jin Kinoko Gallery(福岡)


・Art Élyséesv Fair – Ground Effect Galllery(フランス/パリ)
・Affective Memories – JINKINOKO GALLERY(東京/代官山)
・District 13 Art Fair – Ground Effect Galllery(フランス/パリ)
・Post Graffiti – Ground Effect Galllery(フランス/パリ)
・Cathing Tags – Ewkuks Gallery(アメリカ/ロサンゼルス)
・Moniker Art Fair – Ground Effect Galllery(アメリカ/ニューヨーク)
・Urban Art Fair – Ground Effect Galllery(フランス/パリ)
・POKET – Block House Gallery(東京/神宮前)
・QUINTESSENCE – Ground Effect Galllery(フランス/パリ)


・RÉSIDENCE AU MUSEE D’ART URBAIN – Mausa Vauban(フランス/ヌブ=ブリザック)
・TAKE OFF – Ground Effect Galllery(フランス/パリ)
・MONIKER International Art Fair – Art in the game Gallery(イギリス/ロンドン)
・LIFE IS NAKED – Wallworks Gallery(フランス/パリ)
・AMAZONIA – COX Gallery(フランス/ボルドー)
・MOTION – Vroom and Varossieau Gallery(オランダ/アムステルダム)


・Urvanity Art Fair – Vroom and Varossieau Gallery(オランダ/アムステルダム)
・COMPENDIUM – Treason Gallery(アメリカ/シアトル)
・Urvanity art – Madrid – Vroom and Varossieau Gallery(オランダ/アムステルダム)
・13th Urban Contemporary(フランス/パリ)
・PULSE – Ground Effect Galllery(フランス/パリ)
・SOBREPOR – AB Galaria(ブラジル/リオデジャネイロ)
・AMBIVALENCE – Urban Spree Gallery(ドイツ/ベルリン)
・WINTER COLLECTIVE – Crans Ambassador Hotel /Galerie the Bans(スイス/ジュネーヴ)


・RISE AND SHINE – Arcade Art Gallery(台湾)
・GESTOEFORMA- Galeria Sinlogo(ブラジル/サンパウロ)
・WE THE WOMAN – Atelier des Bains Gallery(スイス/ジュネーヴ)
・ALL ABOUT PRINT – Galeria Slika(フランス/リヨン)
・Art Expo – Per 94 NYC(アメリカ/ニューヨーク)


・A STUDY OF CAMOUFLAGE – Backwoods Gallery(オーストラリア)
・SPRING – Azart Gallery(アメリカ/ニューヨーク)
・Art up! Foire D’Art Contemporain – Lille Grand Palais(フランス/リール)
・NATURALLY UNSTABLE – Hoxton Gallery,Dope Gallery(イギリス/ロンドン)


・J AI 10ans – Galerie Brugier-Rigali(フランス/パリ)
・BERLINER LISTER – Intoxicated Demons Gallery(ドイツ/ベルリン)
・HONEY I SHRUNK THE STREETS – 1AM Gallery(アメリカ/サンフランシスコ)


・ENTRE CONCRETO E AÇO – Galeria A7MA(ブラジル/サンパウロ)
・KC Arts X Art Basel(アメリカ/マイアミ)

Rafael Sliks was a child in the 80s, he loved comics, martial arts films, skateboarding and graffiti.

From the simple neighborhood of beautiful view, in the central region of São Paulo, where he was born and raised, he looked at the vast world through a crack in the door of his house.

From pixo to graffiti, from handstyle to tags, he arrived at abstract essays that today mark his skills, “skills” that he uses with inverted writing led to his codename: Sliks.

For him, writing is representing the spoken, the thought. “Handwriting”, poems and music that he creates mentally are reflected in his abstract ideas, tangible textures, imagined forms.

At the heart of the work, representations of his poems, songs that mirror the chaos of big cities, charms of wild nature, pure expressions and at the same time loaded with layers of microorganisms, odors, colors, luminescences.

Sliks’ creative equation results from his constant journey in and out of himself. In the results the constant research, the focused study of art history, experiences in his studio and around the world, the creation of a personal style, which adds Lascaux’s signs, oriental ideograms, Da Vinci’s secrets, Magrite’s daydreams, dares of Yves Klein.

His work, in permanent catharsis, is part of the gesture, a great influence on graffiti, skateboarding and movements inspired by Tao, oriental calligraphy and keeps abstractionism as a password, with a continuous rhythm and an essential look.

Heir to abstract expressionism, the automatic writing of the surrealists, his art recovers childhood doodles, brings to the surface his universe of quick gestures and flashes of stealth.

His subtle and mysterious figure distributes abstractions and freehand writing through the streets and alleys, amidst textures and obstacles, an art that inspires, seduces by lightness and enriches his fate as a contemporary urban visual artist.