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Louis-Nicolas Darbon ルイ- ニコラ・ダーボン

Louis-Nicolas Darbon




MARC JACOBS、Louis Vuitton、Christian Louboutin、Burberryなどブランドのファッションハウスで勤務した経験を持ち、アーティストとしてだけでなくインフルエンサーとしての顔を持つ彼は、ファッションとライフスタイル、アートセンスが融合した世界を創造する。

Louis-Nikola D’Avon was born in Versailles, France, and is now an artist based in London, England.

The scope of activities is not limited to the United Kingdom, and since he participated in the Art Basel Hong Kong 2016, he has held a solo show and group shows in the United States, France, Switzerland, Morocco, and Japan, and has been well received.

In addition, we have expanded the range of activities by accepting requests for design and art projects, such as creating murals at luxury hotels and commercial facilities.
Not only as an artist, but also as an influencer, Louis has worked at fashion houses of brands such as MARC JACOBS, Louis Vuitton, Christian Louboutin, and Burberry, where fashion and lifestyle are combined with art sense. Imagine the world that you did.