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Arno Elias アルノー・エリアス

Arno Elias



動物保護団体”I’M NOT A TROPHY”の創始者。

彼は世界的にも著名な作曲家・プロデューサーであり、New York国連機関のためにアーティストShakiraと共に「For Every Child」というUNICEFのキャンペーン曲を作曲。
またBrigitte Bardot(ブリジット・バルドー)によって創設されたブリジット・バルドー財団の音楽を作曲するメンバーに選ばれる。


動物保護団体”I’M NOT A TROPHY”は、アートを通じて絶滅の危機に瀕している動物種の急速な絶滅への意識を高めることに尽力。
初のブランドアンバサダーとしてスーパーモデルのCara Delevingne(カーラ・デルヴィーニュ)を起用し、2016年6月に全世界で発売。一流の編集部から世界的な評価を得た。


Arno Elias is a French American artist, photographer and activist, born in Paris, France.


Elias is also a multi-platinum world music composer and producer known for his productions and compositions of hit songs, he also composed the Musical Score for the United Nations Organization in New-York, a Campaign for UNICEF called “For every Child” with recording artist Shakira. Elias was chosen by Brigitte Bardot to compose music for the Brigitte Bardot Foundation, which was created to help protect animals from abuse


Elias’ creative talents did not stop at his prodigious musical career, but continued into his artistic career, leading him into the world of painting and photography. Working in the fashion industry and studying Art history in Paris further Influenced and informed his creative direction.


Elias is the Founder and Photographer of I’m Not a Trophy, an organization that is dedicated to create greater awareness for the rapid extinction of Iconic endangered species, Featuring Super model and Actress Cara Delevingne as the first-ever brand Ambassador, The Global Launch in June 2016, achieved World-Wide recognition from top editorial outlets..